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DC Glasswashers

Choose from four glasswasher ranges from DC warewashers. They combine speed, reliability and strength with intense cleaning ability and easy to use control panels. 


DC Economy Range Glasswashers

These entry level glasswashers produce excellent results time after time. The economy range glasswashers are focused on budget and combine high performance with low running costs.


DC Premium Range Glasswashers

Designed for outstanding performance whilst minimizing environmental impact the DC premium range glasswashers have low running costs. They are fast adaptable and easy to use.


DC Standard Range Glasswashers

The DC standard range glass washers are built with an emphasis on ease of operation, reliability and excellent wash results. Produced to the highest standards.


DC Optima Range Glasswashers

Using the latest technological advances the DC optima range glasswashers give outstanding performance and built in quality whilst minimizing environmental impact.

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