Hand sanitisers are vital to keeping a hygienic establishment - especially when working with food. This kit contains the Deb hand sanitiser and 3 refill cartridges, ideal for high traffic areas such as washrooms, kitchens and hospital hand washing stations.


Designed with large push button that can be operated with hand or elbow, the dispenser is highly ergonomic and easy to use. The dispenser is hygienic as well as cost efficient, delivering a measured dose of sanitiser with each push without over sanitising.

Deb Hand Sanitiser Dispenser + 3 Foam 1 Ltr Sanitisers

    • Capacity 1Ltr
    • 1 x Deb Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
    • 3 x Deb Hand Sanitiser Refill Cartridges 1 Litre
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