Halcyon Amika AM 51XLD Dishwasher  

Ruggedly built with simple controls.

Soft touch wipe clean controls.

Fitted with peristaltic detergent and rinse aid pumps.

Surface scrap tray option.

Internal break tank.

Full warranty

Halcyon Amika AM 51XLD Dishwasher

  • Standard voltage 240V - Single phase

    Can be supplied for 3 phase

    Suitable for hot or cold water supply at 2-4 dynamic pressure max 50c

    Wash temp 60c

    Rinse temp 80c

    Gravity drain available

    comes with internal break tank

    Cycle time 90/150 sec

    Power 2.6/4.5/6.5 kw

    Amps 13/20/30

  • Rack Size 500 mm

    Useable Height 325 mm

    W 580 D 605 H 815 mm

    (Height excludes feet which add 10 to 20 mm)


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