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Classeq Dishwashers And Glasswashers

Classeq are a British company formed to provide the hospitality industry with robust simple to use dishwashers and glasswashers.

Classeq is now part of the Winterhalter group.

The Classeq glasswasher and classeq dishwasher range of products as developed to include;

Classeq under counter glasswashers

Classeq pass through dishwahsers

Classeq Rack conveyors dishwashers

Classeq Utensil Washers

Classeq Dishwashers and Glasswashers
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Classeq Repair, Service And Maintenance

For Classeq dishwasher or glass washer repair engineers give us a call today.

Our local Classeq repair engineers are familiar with all makes and models of Classeq commercial dishwashers and Classeq glass washer service, repair and maintenance.

For a local Classeq dishwasher and glasswasher repair company that gives great friendly service at competitive prices look no further for your Classeq repair.

classeq Glasswasher Repair Engineers Dishwasher
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Classeq Spares

For classeq dishwasher and glasswasher spare parts and Classeq replacement parts for glasswashers and dishwashers please follow the link.


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Local Classeq Dishwasher repair company near me.

Local Classeq dishwasher repair engineers near me.

Local Classeq glasswashers repair company near me.

Local Classeq glasswasher repair engineers near me.

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