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Wine Glass

Glasswasher Supplier

Choose from our specially selected range of commercial glasswashers. All our glasswashers are designed for the professional commercial environment. If your looking for a new glasswasher for your pub or bar then our choice of glasswashers will allow you to select the ideal glass washer to suit your pub or bar's specific needs.

Commercial Dishwasher Suppliers

We have selected a variety of commercial and professional dishwashers that we believe will offer good value, reliability and great performance in any commercial kitchen environment.

From the latest high spec commercial dishwashers to simple easy to use basic dishwashers we have a range of industrial and commercial dishwashers chosen to meet every need.

Environmental concerns and water consumption are now a major factor when choosing a commercial dishwasher and we have a selection of dishwashers chosen for their low water consumption and environmental considerations. Should you need any help selecting a commercial dishwasher with low water consumption or any other environmental concerns please do not hesitate to ask our specialist commercial dishwasher staff who are always on hand to give help and advice.

We also supply a number of medical dishwashers that are especially designed for use in hospitals, nursing homes and laboratory's.

We supply commercial and industrial dishwashers from most of the major manufacturers including Maidaid dishwashers, Amika dishwashers, Prodis dishwashers, Electrolux dishwashers, Hobart dishwashers and Mach dishwashers to name but a few.

Don't forget we have for sale and supply a large selection of commercial dishwashers but we also service and repair all makes and model of commercial dishwasher.

Glasswasher Suppliers

Pub, bar, club we have it covered when it comes to glass washer sales. When choosing the correct glasswasher for your pub or bar you need to take into consideration a number of factors like glass size, glass capacity, wash cycle time, electrical supply and is a gravity drain ok, or do you need a drain pump.


Other factors to take into consideration when choosing a new glasswasher are water consumption and what warranty you will  get with a new glasswasher.

Cost is always a consideration when choosing a new glasswasher and we supply new glasswashers to meet most budgets, from the cheaper low cost glasswashers to more expensive computerised models.

We have used our experience to provide a selection of glasswashers that will meet  most requirements and to suit all budgets.

Don't forget we have for sale a large selection of glasswashers from most of the major manufacturers but we also repair all makes of glasswasher.


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