Warranty Terms & Conditions

If you should encounter any faults or issues with your product after you have purchased it, we would recommend that you (the customer), refer to the trouble shooting guide provided with the product.

If you are still unable to resolve your problem we would recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly or contact TLA Catering Equipment for further advice.

Should your item or product require a warranty call, please refer to the warranty information provided with your purchase.

Please be aware certain consumable items will not be covered under a warranty including but not limited to: door seals, bulbs, elements and some buttons.

Warranty Terms & Conditions 

1 Faulty goods / Product failure

1.1 In the event of breakdown or failure of the goods supplied within the warranty period, you (the customer) must inform us as soon as you become aware of any failure and prior to the expiry of the warranty period. TLA Catering Engineers Ltd, trading as TLA Catering Equipment will accept no responsibility for any failure or defect of goods notified after the expiry of the warranty period no matter when the defect or failure occurred.

1.2 Any individual product warranty information given on a confirmation email, invoice email or listed on a product page on our website will override any warranty within a manufacturers brochure or any other external media or documentation including, but not limited to, a product manufacturers website or brochure.

1.3 TLA Catering Engineers Ltd, trading as TLA Catering Equipment, reserve the right to take a credit card, debit card or other terms of payment in advance of arranging a warranty service call. All payments will be refunded if the fault is covered by the manufacturers warranty but will be retained if the defect or fault is not covered under these terms. Examples of these exclusions but not limited to are: Damage, customer misuse, incorrect installation, lack of maintenance that leads to breakdown and scale damage.

2 Parts Only Warranty

2.1 Parts only warranty allows the customer (you) to source a fully qualified engineer (at your own cost) to carry out diagnostic work on a problem.

The engineers report must be forwarded directly to TLA Catering Equipment.by your qualified engineer and will then be assessed by the product manufacturer. Once approved by the manufacturer, any parts needed will be sent directly to you (the customer). Please note the manufacturer may request payment upfront for the replacement part, this will be refunded when the faulty part is returned.

2.2 As per manufacturers terms, some may request that defective parts are sent to them on completion of any repair, failure to return the defective parts may result in a full invoice for the cost of the parts.

2.3 Equipment installed into or on a mobile catering unit, offshore or non-mainland UK premises will invalidate the standard manufacturers warranty.

3 Parts and Labour Warranty

3.1 Parts and Labour Warranty covers the cost of both the labour and parts required to repair any fault covered by the specific product warranty.


3.2 TLA Catering Equipment reserve the right to take customer card details at the point of a claim. Payment will only be charged if the fault is deemed out side of warranty.


3.3 In the case of faults not covered by a specific warranty or for a fault deemed outside of warranty you ( the customer) will be invoiced and charged for any labour and parts needed.

4 Return to Base Warranty

4.1 For return to base warranty's you (the customer) must arrange, at your own expense, for any faulty units to be returned directly to the manufacturer for repair.

4.2 You (the customer) may also be liable for any return carriage costs once the repair has been completed.

4.3 You (the customer) must ensure that all items are packaged securely as TLA Catering Equipment nor the manufacturer will be liable for any loss or damage.

4.4 Please contact TLA Catering Equipment to confirm the terms of warranty as outlined by each individual manufacturer.

4.5 All labour warranties are for mainland UK only.

5 Liability

5.1 TLA Catering  Engineers Ltd, trading as TLA Catering Equipment, is not liable for any loss of profits, business interruption or sales issues that may occur directly, indirectly or incidentally due to a defective or faulty commercial unit. It is the customer or business owner's responsibility to ensure that these eventualities are prepared for, as such TLA Catering Engineers Ltd, trading as TLA Catering Equipment cannot offer any replacement to cover this loss of equipment.

5.2 You (the Customer) agree that we (TLA Catering Engineers Ltd, trading as TLA Catering Equipment) will not be liable for any losses – includes loss of business, business interruption or loss of time – or damage suffered as a result of failure to report a fault or defect within good time or failure to provide adequate access to the Goods for repairs, service or engineer survey.

5.3 All commercial gas appliances must be installed by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. Failure to do so will void product warranty of which TLA Catering Engineers Ltd, trading as TLA Catering Equipment is not liable.

5.4 Call outs as a result of the customer (user) error, equipment misuse or equipment misappropriation (using an item for a task other than its intended purpose or design) will incur a customer charge.

5.5 Nothing within this Agreement shall exclude  TLA Catering Equipment , statutory liability for injury or death.