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Commercial Fryer Suppliers

Professional Fryers

Perfect for frying chicken, chips, fish and a variety of other products a Commercial Deep Fat Fryer is the ideal appliance for producing hot crispy food. With a variety of different fryers on the market choosing the the correct one may at first seem a little daunting. For many commercial kitchens a professional fryer is the primary cooking appliance.


Commercial fryers can be grouped into three categories-Free Standing Fryers, Counter-top Fryers and Induction Fryers.

Free Standing Fryers are ideal for everyday use. They are high output and high capacity commercial free standing fryers can also have filtration units built into the base stand.

Countertop Fryers are designed to sit on a worktop or counter-top. Generally smaller than a free standing fryer they are a great choice for those with limited space. Countertop fryers can have single or double frying tanks.

Induction Fryers use induction cooking technology and improve efficiency by reducing running costs they are easier to clean. Induction fryers can be free standing or countertop fryers.

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