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DC commercial dishwasher and industrial dishwasher supplier ED50

DC Economy Range Dishwashers

The popular DC ED50 economy front loading dishwasher has seven variants designed to meet the specific needs of your site.

DC Premium Range Dishwasher

DC Economy Undercounter Dishwashers

These entry level dishwashers produce excellent results time after time. The economy range dishwashers are focused on budget and combine high performance with low running costs.

Suppliers of DC Economy Range dishwashers

Fast wash cycle for DC ED50
ensures maximum productivity

New heavy duty wash pump
increases wash pressure improving results for DC
commercial dishwasher

Rinse thermo-lock
delivers perfect rinse temperatures time after time

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DC Economy Range
Front Loading Dishwasher

ED50 - 18 Plate


DC Dishwashers Spare Parts

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Intuitive, simple controls
reduces user error and staff training

Chemical auto-dosing for dishwasher
eliminates user intervention and prevents over or under dosing

Auto drain down (optional)
ensures rapid drain down with no need for user intervention

Integral water softener (optional)
softens water without the need for an external unit


13 amp configuration
reduces energy consumption on DC ED50

Double skinned door
reduces noise and heat emissions whilst lowering running costs

Reduced water consumption
produces the optimum balance between water usage and hygiene

Improved rinse arms
increases initial response by 30% and rotation speed by 20%

Cost Savings

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