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Dc industrilal and commercial premium range dishwasher suppliers

DC Premium Range Dishwashers

Choose from three different size commercial front loading dishwashers, all designed for outstanding performance.

DC Premium Range Dishwasher

DC Premium Range Under-Counter Dishwashers

Designed for outstanding performance whilst minimizing environmental impact the DC premium range under counter dishwashers have low running costs. They are fast adaptable and easy to use.

Suppliers of Dc Premium dishwasher models PD40, PD45, PD50

Fast two minute wash cycle
ensures maximum productivity

Heavy duty wash pump
increases wash pressure improving results

Heavy duty heater element
faster start up and improved heat recovery times

Rinse thermo-lock
delivers perfect rinse temperatures time after time

Increased usable height
accommodates specialist dishware

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PD40 - 11 Plates
PD45 - 14 Plates
PD50 - 18 Plates


DC Dishwashers Spare Parts

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Intuitive, simple controls
reduces user error and staff training

Counter balanced door
makes loading and unloading easier for the operator of the industrial dishwasher

Chemical auto-dosing
eliminates user intervention and prevents over or under dosing

Auto drain down (optional)
ensures rapid drain down with no need for user intervention

Integral water softener (optional)
softens water without the need for an external unit


Low volume wash tank
saves up to 13000L of water

Reduces electrical costs
due to water reduction less energy is required to heat the machine

Double skinned & insulated
further reduces noise and heat emissions lowering running costs

Improved rinse arms
increases initial response by 30% and rotation speed by 20%

Insulated boiler
lowers running costs and improves boiler recovery times

Cost Savings

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