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DC Products Service

DC products manufacturer four ranges of glass washer, front loading dishwashers, passthrough dishwashers, pan washers and utensil washers. Whilst they are all built to be reliable and long lasting they will periodically, need a service. Occasionally though wear and tear or the passage of time you may need to book an emergency call out for your DC warewasher.

DC Glasswasher Repair Engineers

Our DC glasswasher repair engineers specialize in the maintenance and service of all DC glasswashers. Our factory trained glasswasher engineers are always local and this ensures a fast response time for emergency call out and breakdown cover.

DC Glasswasher repair engineers, service company

DC Front Loading Dishwasher Repair

Smaller restaurants, cafe's, canteens and any other professional kitchen with limited space may opt for an under counter front loading dishwasher. Front loading dishwashers like any other piece of commercial kitchen equipment are susceptible to component failure after extensive use. Our DC dishwasher repair engineers are trained to recognize common faults and replace DC dishwasher parts professionally and correctly

Depending on the use your DC under counter dishwasher gets we would always recommend having your dishwasher serviced at least once a year. This would allow our dishwasher service engineers to identify any potential component failure before they occur.

We have DC front loading dishwasher engineers in most areas and they can usually respond to an emergency call outs on the same day.

DC Dishwasher repair service engineers company

DC Passthrough Dishwasher Service

Commercial kitchens with more room or a dedicated pot wash area, may have a passthrough or hood type dishwasher.

All DC pass through dishwashers will need to be serviced regularly to keep them working at their optimum and prevent the need for a repair or break down emergency call out. Our DC repair engineers work regularly on all models of DC Passthrough dishwasher and have the skills and expertise to repair or service your DC hood dishwasher properly, reducing the risk of further call outs.

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