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Maidaid Halcyon Service

Maidaid Halcyon have over 40 years in the catering equipment industry. They manufacturer a range of glasswashers, commercial or industrial dishwashers and ice machines. Produce from high quality materials they manufacture a "tough machine to do a tough job".

To keep your Maidaid warewasher working to it's optimum we would always recommend a service visit at least once a year and should you need an emergency call out our engineers are always in your local area.

Maidaid Glasswasher Repairs

Maidaid Halcyon have four different ranges of glasswasher available to purchase at the moment. They are all designed to meet different customer budget and performance requirements.
If you are unfortunate enough to develop a fault with any maidaid halcyon glasswashers we have a team of local maidiad glasswasher service and repair engineers available on emergency call out.

Maidaid Dishwasher Repair Engineers

Depending on the needs and size of your commercial kitchen you will have chosen either a pass through hood type dishwasher or a under counter front loading dishwasher. It is very rare that a well maintained maidaid dishwasher will break down or under perform. Unfortunately every now and again there may be the need to employ a professional Maidaid engineer who can identify performance issues or replace worn out parts. Our maidaid repair engineers are experienced working on all maidaid dishwashers and have a great first time fix record.

Maidaid Installation And Service

Whilst we don't expect you to need an emergency repair on any new glass washer or dishwasher we would recommend that any new glasswasher or dishwasher is installed professionally by one of our maidaid installation engineers.

To keep your glasswashers and dishwashers performing at their best a regular service visit should be scheduled for at least once a year and maybe more for high volume pub and bar glasswashers or busy kitchen dishwashers.

Service visits are a good way of keeping your Maidaid glasswasher or industrial dishwasher performing at it's optimum and can identify any issues or problems that may be about to surface.
This form of planned maintenance could save you money and prevent break downs or faults just when you don't need them.

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