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With twice the capacity of a single passthrough dishwasher the DC Optima OD1450A CP D is a popular choice for professional kitchens that need to increase capacity at periods of peak demand.


It can wash up to 36 plates per cycle and is ideal for larger professional kitchens and other commercial environments that need a large capacity dishwasher.

It's two independent wash zones allow two baskets to be loaded per cycle. Once the peak period is over the user can revert back to loading just one basket thanks to the 'Intelliwash system' that detects when only one basket is loaded, leaving the second wash zone in stand-by, this saves on water, energy and chemicals.


The wash and rinse temperatures are displayed on a colour TFT display.  The washer is operated via simple intuitive controls. This dishwasher comes with a drain pump and break tank as standard.

DC Optima Double Hood Passthrough Dishwasher OD1450 A CP D

£10,760.00 Regular Price
£6,790.00Sale Price
  • Colour TFT display

    4 adjustable cycles

    Wash and rinse temps displayed

    Drain pump

    Break tank

    Internal chemical pumps

    Heavy duty wash pump

    Optional thermostop

    Insulated cabinet and door

    Double skinned boiler

    Extra usable wash height

    Low volume wash tank

    EasyClean triple filter system

    Anti block removable wash and rinse arms

    moulded wash tank prevents debris build up

    Simple intuitive controls

    Self draining wash pump

    6 baskets

Due to UK wide supply shortages on many appliances, please call to check stock levels and delivery times before placing your order.

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