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Keeping hands clean and bacteria-free is vital to reducing the chance of illness or injury when handling food. OxyBAC is a unique rich, creamy foam antibacterial hand soap with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide for highly effective cleansing and germ killing power.


The perfume-free and dye-free formula is proven to be non-tainting and passes EN1499, ensuring it is ideal for use in food handling enviroments to cleanse even the most sensetive of skin - whilst killing bacteria, yeasts, moulds and many viruses.

Deb OxyBAC Unperfumed Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap 1Ltr

    • Pack Quantity: 1 x 1Ltr
    • Capacity 1Ltr
    • Dimensions 190(H) x 125(W) x 90(D)mm
    • Weight 1.065kg
    • Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Perfume and dye free
    • Passes European Hand Sanitiser Standards (EN1499)
    • Kills bacteria, yeast, moulds and viruses
    • Non-tainting
    • 1429 shots per cartridge

Due to UK wide supply shortages on many appliances, please call to check stock levels and delivery times before placing your order.

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