Delivering effective and sustainable cleaning, this pack of 4 x 5Ltr Ecover perfumed lavender liquid hand soap bottles is a must-have for any business that cares about its enviromental impact. Made with plant-based ingredients and featuring a neutral pH, this soap is tough on soiling yet gentle on hands. As such, it ensures effective cleaning without risk of harming or irritating skin.


The soap also boasts a pleasant lavender fragrance to mask bad odours and keep hands smalling fresh long after cleaning.


The renewable, plant-based ingredients used to make this soap mean it's incredibly kind to the plant's natural resources, fully biodegradable and free from potentially harmful substances . Switching to this soap will therefore help you to reduce your environmental impact and take steps towards a greener operation.

Ecover Perfumed Liquid Hand Soap Lavender 5Ltr (4 Pack)

    • Capacity 5Ltr
    • Dimensions 280(H) x 180(W) x 140(D)mm
    • Weight 5.4kg
    • Colour White
    • The plant-based soap thoroughly yet gently cleans hands
    • The pH-neutral formula is kind to skin and suitable for frequent use
    • Features a pleasant lavender perfume
    • Dermatologically tested and approved
    • The plant-based ingredients are highly renewable
    • The solution has low aquatic toxicity and is biodegradable according to international standards
    • Made in an environmentally responsible factory powered by renewable energy
    • Septic-tank safe
    • The packaging is fully recyclable after use 
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