Take steps towards a more sustainable future by serving your dishes in these 248(W) x 161(D)mm Fiesta Green compostable bagasse hinged food containers. As these food containers are made from renewable, waste sugarcane, they have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional polystyrene containers and are not stripping the Earth of its precious finite resources. This means that by using these bagasse containers, you can work to reduce your business's enviromental impact and show customers you are committed to important global issues.


The bagasse material means the conteiners can also be composted within commercial composting facilities in under 12 weeks. This will help you divert more wasteaway from harmful landfill sites to further improve your green footprint.


The bagasse is also an incredibly breathable material. This means the food containers will not trap condensation to prevent your dishes from becoming soggy when served to customers.

Fiesta Green Compostable Bagasse Hinged Food Containers 248mm