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Stay stocked up with food-to-go essentials using these Fiesta plastic microwavable containers.


The tough polypropylene material makes these containers strong and durable - ensuring your dishes stay protected and secure when in transit. Using these containers with the included lids will also create a tight seal to prevent leaks and keep your food fresh.


Are These Containers Microwave-Safe?

The polypropylene material means these containers can be safely used in microwaves at temperatures up to 80C. This makes it easy for your customers to reheat their dishes without needing to change packaging.


Can I Use The Food Containers In A Freezer?

Yes! The polypropylene material makes the containers suitable for use in freezers at tempretures as low as -18C, allowing customers to conveniently preserve any leftovers.


Can I Recycle These Microwavable Containers?

If they're free from heavy soiling, these containers can be recycled where the correct facilities exist. But if they're covered in greese, oil or food waste, they wont be accepted for recycling as this soiling can contaminate the process.

Fiesta Plastic Microwavable Containers With Lid (Pack 250)

    • Material Polypropylene
    • Colour Transparent
    • These containers are made from tough polypropylene
    • The sturdy material keeps food protected when in transit
    • The container can be recycled if free from heavy soiling
    • The included snap-on lids ensure a tight fit
    • The containers are microwave safe at temperatures of up to 80C
    • These containers can also be used in freezers at temperatures as low as -18C
    • These containers are not dishwasher or oven-safe

Due to UK wide supply shortages on many appliances, please call to check stock levels and delivery times before placing your order.

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