Take small steps towards greener living by switching to this pack of 6 x 354ml Method perfumed waterfall hand soap bottles. As this Method soap is made with plant-based ingredients, it's tough on soiling yet gentle on skin. This guarantees thorough cleaning without risk of the soap harming or irritating hands.


The soap also features a refreshing perfume with hints of water lily and sandalwood to tackle bad odours and keep hands smalling sweet long after cleaning.


The renewable, plant-based ingredients used to make this soap mean it's kind to the plant's finite resources, fully biodegradable and free from potentislly harmful substanced. Making the switch to this soap will therefore help you to minimise your enviromental impact and take steps towards a more sustainable operation

Method Perfumed Liquid Hand Soap Waterfall 354ml (6 Pack)

    • Capacity 354ml
    • Dimensions 170(H) x 83(W) x 83(D)mm
    • Weight 400g
    • Colour Green
    • This plant-based soap ensures effective yet gentle cleaning
    • Features a pleasant perfume with hints of water lily and sandalwood
    • Supplied in elegant packaging
    • The plant based ingredients are highly renewable
    • The solution has low aquatic toxicity and is biodegradable according to international standards
    • Meets the strict enviromental criteria of the Cradle To Candle certification standards
    • Septic-tank safe
    • The packaging is fully recyclable after use
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