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Do more for the enviroment by bringing this Diversey SURE perfume-free hand wash into your venue. Made entirely from renewable, plant-based materials, this hand wash is 100% biodegradable and free from any hazardous ingredients. This means the hand wash will break down into the Earth safely and keep your employees protected against potentially harmful substances and additives.


Not only kind on the planet, the professional formulation is designed to leave your employees' hands clean and hygienic without becoming irritated. The perfume-free solution also means these is no risk of any fragrances affecting the taste of your dishes. This will help you to maintain the highest possible standards of food hygiene and safety in your back-of-house areas. 


Packaging in colour-coded bottles, this hand wash is also easy to identify and distinguish. This means no matter what language your employees speak, the correct chemical will always be used in the correct area of your venue.

SURE Unperfumed Liquid Hand Wash 5Ltr (2 Pack)

    • Capacity 5Ltr
    • Dimensions 284(H) x 133.6(W)mm
    • Material Plastic
    • Weight 10.1000kg
    • Colour Clear
    • Suitable for use in back-of-house areas
    • Offers a gentle and effective hand wash without perfume
    • Made entirely from renewable, plant-based ingredients such as sugar beet, maize, cocounut, straw bran and wheat bran
    • The hand wash is 100% biodegradable and won't damage the enviroment as it breaks down
    • Free from hazardous artificial dyes, perfumes, quats, phosphrates, chlorine and oxide compounds
    • The formula is made to meet the lowest possible hazard classification
    • Made with colour-coded labelling for easy identification
    • The ready-to-use formula means this chemical can be easily used without the need for diluting

Due to UK wide supply shortages on many appliances, please call to check stock levels and delivery times before placing your order.

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