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wall mounted water boiler supplier Leeds Yorkshire

Wall Mounted Water Boilers

Choose from our specially selected range of commercial wall mounted water boilers. All our wall mounted water boilers are designed for the professional commercial environment and are also suited for offices, staff rooms and back of bar environment's. If your looking for a new wall mounted water boiler for your kitchen, pub,  bar, office or staff room then our choice of wall mounted water boilers will allow you to select the ideal wall mounted water boiler to suite your specific needs.

Commercial Wall Mounted Water Boiler Suppliers

We have selected a variety of commercial and professional wall mounted hot water boilers that we believe will offer good value, reliability and great performance in any commercial kitchen, staff room office or mobile kitchen environment.

Wall mounted water boilers are usually placed over a sink and this reduces the need for a drip tray. Mostly connected to a permanent water feed that allows them to automatically fill when water is drawn off. This gives the benefit of not having to constantly monitor the water level and manually fill the boiler, saving time and effort.

Our selection of automatic fill water boilers come in a variety of different sizes and capacity's that will guarantee you have a wall mounted water boiler that fits in your available space and is capable of supplying enough hot water to meet any surges in demand.

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