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Dedicated to pub, club and bar equipment, supplies, service and maintenance.

We have grouped together a selection of common appliances and bar equipment that are our most popular club, pub or bar products, into one section to hopefully make your shopping experience easier and faster.

Choose from a large selection of appliances such as pub and bar glasswashers, coffee machines, refrigerated bottle displays, bar consumable's and chemicals.

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Maidaid Amika 35xl Glasswasher


Choosing the correct pub or bar glasswasher is  very important.

Variables that need to be considered when selecting the correct glass washer include capacity, and now pint and wine glass's come in varying sizes, the usable height needs to be taken into consideration.

Other questions that should be considered are do I need a drain pump on my glasswasher? and what space do i need for my new glasswasher?



Pubs, bars and gastro pubs that offer food will probably need a commercial dishwasher.

Commercial dishwashers come in two main category's, hood pass through dishwashers and under counter dishwashers.

Smaller pubs and bars with limited space mainly but not always, choose  a under counter dishwasher to save work top space. Larger pubs and bars may prefer a hood dishwasher, if they have a separate wash area or a larger kitchen.

Power consumption must always be taken into consideration when choosing a pub or bar dishwasher.

Maidaid Amika 50xl Undercounter Dishwasher
Comercial Lincat Water Boilers

Water Boilers

Water boilers are great for constant hot water for making tea, instant coffee and some hot chocolate drinks.

Your choice of hot water boiler depends on the style and functionality of your pub or bar.

Most choose from either wall mounted or free standing automatic fill water boilers, manual fill water boilers offer a lower cost option.

Integrated water boilers are also becoming popular.

Lincat water boilers, Burco water boilers and Buffalo water boilers are very popular.

Water Boilers

Refrigeration, Servery and Displays

Pub and bar refrigeration and heated displays are a essential part of providing a high quality customer experience allowing the customer to easily see what refrigerated or warm products are available whilst keeping them at the correct temperature.

Bar coolers are an excellent way of showing off and presenting bottled beer and larger whilst wine coolers are now becoming popular.

Heated displays are great for keeping pies and bar food warm and on show.

Your choice of refrigeration or heated and cold displays depend up on the size and space available.

Comercial Catering Refrigeration, Servery And Displays
Comercial Cooking Catering Equipment

Cooking Equipment

Choosing the correct cooking equipment for your bar or pub is very important.

Panini grills and small table top fryers are always well suited and a popular choice for smaller pubs and bars that want to offer a small selection of food.. Some pubs may use a table top convection oven to cook and warm pastry's and pies. 

Cooking Equipment
Suppliers of bar, pub and club equipment and appliances

Suppliers of pub glasswashers, ice machines, Airack, coffee machines, bottle coolers, pub, bar and club fridges and freezers. For the gastro pub we have all types of oven and fryers, pub and restaurant kitchen equipment including commercial dishwashers, 

Suppliers of bar, pub, club and restaurant furniture.

Suppliers of pub, bar and restaurant tables, chairs, stools and furniture.

Suppliers of bar, pub, club and restaurant consumables

Suppliers of pub, club, bar and restaurant consumables. We have a good selection of every day items that need to be replaced regularly, including glasswasher and dishwasher chemicals, paper towels, cleaning and hygiene products.

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