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Catering Equipment Repair & Service Engineers

Water Boiler Repairs

Glasswasher Repairs & Service

Glasswasher repairs for your pub, club or bar. Keep your bar running smoothly with a regular service or contact us for a emergency glasswasher break down, call out. For more details on glasswasher repairs in your local area please click here.

Glasswasher Service, repairs, Maintenance near me

Combi-Oven Repairs & Service

Service and repairs for all makes of combination oven. Keep your kitchen cooking with a regular service visit. Give us a call if your combi-oven breaks down and well send a combi-oven service and repair engineer to diagnose the fault. For more information on combi oven repairs and service in your local are please click here.

Combi-Oven Repairs, Combination Oven Repairs near me

General Catering Equipment Repairs

For all types of commercial and Professional catering equipment repair and service give us a call. We service and repair most types of commercial kitchen equipment.

for more details of commercial catering equipment repairs such as fryer repairs, commercial oven repairs, bainmarie repairs, pasta boiler repairs, pizza oven repairs, soup kettle repair in your local area please click here.

Catering Equipment Service and Repair Engineers

Commercial Dishwasher Repairs

Your commercial dishwasher is a integral part of your professional kitchen. Often forgotten about it's importance is only appreciated when it breaks down. Why not give us a call to keep your commercial dishwasher in prime condition with a commercial dishwasher service, or in the event of your dishwasher breaking down or malfunctioning book a emergency call out. For more information on commercial dishwasher repair in your local area please click here. 

Commercial Dishwasher Repair Engineer Near Me or Local to Me

Water Boiler Repairs & Service

Water boiler service and repairs.

Keep your hot water flowing with a regular water boiler service. If your water boiler isn't working correctly or has broken then give us a call for an emergency water boiler call out or break down. For more information on our water boiler service and repairs in your area please click here.

Water Boiler Repairs, Service,Maintenance near me

Service Contracts

Have complete peace of mind with a service contract for your whole commercial kitchen or individual item service contracts.

Glasswasher service contracts.

Commercial dishwasher service contracts.

Cooking equipment service contracts.

For more details on catering equipment service contracts Please click here.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Service Contracts
Dishwasher & Glasswasher
Combi Oven
Water Boiler Repar
Cateing Equipment Repairs
Service Contracts

Commercial Catering Equipment Maintenance, Repairs & Service Engineers

We believe commercial catering equipment, commercial dishwashers and glasswashers should only be repaired by qualified specialist catering equipment, glasswasher and commercial dishwasher engineers.

TLA Catering Engineers Ltd are a well established catering equipment, commercial dishwasher and glasswasher service and repair company.

Specialising in the repair maintenance and service of all types of commercial catering equipment, glasswasher repair and commercial dishwasher repair.

For more information on our commercial catering equipment repair engineers service and maintenance, please click here.

For more information on our pub, bar or restaurant glasswasher repair engineers maintenance and, service please click here.

For more information on our commercial dishwasher repair engineers service and maintenance, please click here.

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