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Suppliers of DC Optima Range passthrough dishwashers

DC Optima Range Passthrough Dishwashers

Using the latest technology, the DC Optima range gives the choice of three very distinct passthrough commercial dishwashers. Variants include double hood and extra large capacity. All the optima range of professional dishwashers come with a break tank and drain pump fitted as standard.

Optima Range
OD1450A CP D
OD1400A CP D
OD1425A CP D

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Optima Passthrough

Introducing the new Optima Range industrial passthrough dishwashers from DC Projects.

The optima range of hood dishwashers uses the latest technological advances to offer 'intelligent dishwashing solutions' for outstanding performance whilst minimizing environmental impact and reducing running costs.

Designed to be intuitive, adaptable, fast and powerful. The DC Optima range of passthrough dishwashers have built in reliability and quality making them indispensable to any commercial catering environment.

DC optima passthrough dishwasher suppliers
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