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Industrial Dishwasher Repair & Service

Industrial dishwasher repair and supplie

Industrial dishwasher repair engineers.

For service and repairs on your Industrial dishwasher give us a call. Our engineers are time served engineers who have the experience and knowledge needed to fix your commercial dishwasher correctly. 

All our industrial dishwasher service and repair engineers carry a large van stock of the most common spare parts needed when repairing commercial dishwashers in restaurants, cafe's, pubs, canteens and schools.

Because we are local, our engineers can normally attend to repair your industrial dishwasher on the same day you book the repair. This helps keep your down time to a minimum and may reduce the need to employ extra staff.

We repair and service commercial and industrial dishwashers from all the major manufacturers, we also supply spare parts for all industrial dishwashers, utensil washers, pan washers and commercial dishwashers.

Should you need a new industrial dishwasher  installing in your commercial kitchen we will be happy to give you a quote.

If you need a new industrial dishwasher supplying please take a look at our extensive range of new commercial and industrial dishwashers.

We are a commercial and industrial dishwasher repair company.

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Industrial Dishwasher Repair

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Local Repair Engineers

For Your Industrial Dishwasher

We repair and service all Industrial dishwashers in your pub, restaurant, café, school or canteen.

Industrial dishwasher installations and commissioning available. New Industrial dishwashers supplied.

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Need A New Industrial Dishwasher ?

Need a new industrial dishwasher for your restaurant, canteen, café, school or pub ?

We supply and fit new dishwashers for pubs, restaurants, canteens, schools and cafe's

Why Buy Your Dishwasher From Us ? 
  • We have a large selection of commercial and industrial dishwashers to choose from.

  • Expert advice and help when choosing your new industrial dishwasher.

  • Excellent after sales care and support.

Shop Industrial Dishwashers

Dishwasher Spare Parts ?

Do you need spare parts for your industrial dishwasher?

We supply from stock spare parts for commercial dishwashers.

Have you ever asked the question, Who supplies industrial dishwasher spare parts?

The answer you are looking for is TLA Catering Equipment supply spare parts for most industrial and commercial dishwashers.

We supply industrial dishwasher spare and replacement parts including dishwasher detergent and rinse aid pumps, circuit boards, pcb's, solenoids, new buttons and switches, drain pumps and wash pumps

Industrial Dishwasher Spares
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