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microwave oven supplier near me leeds yorkshire

Microwave Oven Supplier

Choose from our specially selected range of commercial microwave ovens. All our microwave ovens are designed for the professional commercial environment and are all designed for the commercial professional kitchen, staff rooms and back of bar environment's. If your looking for a new microwave oven for your kitchen, pub,  bar or staff room then our choice of microwave ovens will allow you to select the ideal microwave to suite your specific needs.

Commercial Microwave Oven Suppliers

We have selected a variety of commercial and professional microwave ovens that we believe will offer good value, reliability and great performance in any commercial kitchen, staff room or mobile kitchen environment.

Choose from larger stainless steel microwave ovens, with a variety of features and power settings to smaller simpler microwave ovens that have basic easy to use controls.

Value for money and reliability are key factors when choosing a new microwave and with this in mind we have selected our microwave ovens from tried and tested manufacturers such as Panasonic, Buffalo and Samsung.

Our selection of microwave ovens come in a variety of different sizes and capacity's that will guarantee you have a microwave oven that fits in your available space and is capable of meeting your expectations.

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